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Consolation 3.0b5: building a much better log browser

I am delighted to offer the fifth beta-release of my browser for macOS Sierra’s unified log, which now has all the features which I intend for it, including:

a user-defined library of predicates, which make repeated log extracts much easier, and support complex predicates with many terms;
a user-defined library of display styles, so that you can see only the log information that you want; these include selection and ordering of any of the sixteen different fields of log entries, and colour styles which greatly aid browsing;
a user-defined library of search terms, with which to filter log extracts for display; you can use simple case-insensitive search, or apply regular expressions, which are case-sensitive.
This release also fixes some bugs in the previous beta, one of which made it impossible to search saved logarchives. That now works fully again.

Und dazu sinnvollerweise:
RunConsolation – runs Consolation2 as root to enable log browsing when in normal user mode

RunConsolation is for those who log in as normal, rather than admin, users. It runs Consolation as root – which can be a significant security issue – but thereby enables it to obtain log messages. Caution required, but it does the job.
RunConsolation 1.0 (release)
OS 10.13 und iOS 11.0.3