Taschenrechner-Emulation HP

This app is the result of the need to bring back to life the best calculator that has reached university environments or engineers of any specialty.
iHP48 brings back the unsurpassed capacity of the original calculator with improved performance and without needing an additional appliance in your bag.
The simplest and handy way to have your powerful HP48 back.

iHP48 supports; HP38, HP39, HP48, HP48, HP49, and HP50. You can download a package to configure your preferred calculator. Try, the Fetch options.
iHP48 now supports Haptic feedback on keypress and some specific informative feedback. You can select the haptic style in Settings.
Many Zoom personalized options to choose your best according to your iPhone and preferences in Settings. A new lift zoom for XS devices.
Convenient File transfer from your computer using iTunes from PC's and MacOS.
iHP48 file access from your device using the Files app, and share them with any compatible iOS app.
You can copy files to and from your favorite cloud provider supported by Files app, such as; iCloud Drive, OneDrive, DropBox, and many others.
Save or Load objects from your device to Files, to get your favorite .lib on your iHP48 stack.
Copy and Paste from iOS to the iHP48 Stack any supported object.
Accessible library of different Calculator Packages, some Skin Collection, all Available ROM's, and some useful libraries like Meta Kernel and QPI.
Internal Filemanager as a simple implementation to file management.
Extensible Setting administration from the Settings app. There's a shortcut from the iHP48 menu.
Save your current calculator to have any preferred configuration.
Some skins have special screen swipes, sound, and orientation features, explore them.
It's free, there's not an enterprise, professional, plus, ultimate version. There are no hidden features, nor payment for something.
Any support will be appreciated.
Visit https://www.thinkchile.com/iHP48 for some additional information.
PS: Lauffähig auch auf macOS
macOS 10.4, 10.14, 10.15, 11, 12, 13 sowie iOS 12, 15 und 17