Vergleich iPhone 12 Pro vs Pro Max

Schau doch mal hier nach, evtl. reicht dir auch das iPhone 12 Pro ohne Max. Dort gibt es 2 Tests, einmal das Max und einmal das normale Pro. Evtl. ist der Unterschied ja gar nicht den Aufpreis wert?

Zitat aus dem iPhone 12 Pro Max review:

I knew the Max would be a great camera and I loved shooting the photos above, but I was really curious to learn if the Max hardware upgrades would be worth carrying the larger device even though I definitely prefer the smaller size of the already powerful iPhone 12 Pro.

I shot in tons of different lighting scenarios, and frankly in many of the scenes both cameras rendered a beautiful image and I could barely see a difference between iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

This got me thinking — what kind of scene is challenging for the most people and what scene leverages all of the new hardware?

This led me to the most significant improvement I found which was when shooting Wide (26 mm) and handheld in semi-low-light scenes. Think candle-lit dinner, just after sunset, or a night urban scene with some available light.

In several of these cases, I found the iPhone 12 Pro required 2 seconds in Night mode versus the iPhone 12 Pro Max requiring only 1 second. This means less time for camera shake and subject movement.

Viele Grüße